Flashback Friday: Still Using 1995 Internet Technologies

The internet has changed over the years, but people remain the same. See what’s different, what’s similar and how the past can define the future. There’s a famous clip from The Today Show in 1994 where the hosts try to figure out w

How AI Solutions Are the Future of Data Security

AI is improving the security industry in many ways: Here’s why it’s so important! AI programs can shift massive amounts of data, look for particular issues or warning signs, and even teach themselves more about data attacks. It makes sen

Wisdom Wednesday: 4 Features to Send Your Business Website to the Top of Google’s Rankings

Because Google always changes the algorithm that it uses to determine search engine rankings, your business’ website needs to stay on top of the current key features that can help move it to the top of Google’s search results. Many compa

Ransomware Attacks in a Healthcare Setting

Ransomware is currently the top malware threat facing healthcare IT settings. When it comes to defending against it, prevention is the key. In March 2017, a Wisconsin-based urology group discovered it was the victim of a ransomware attack. Fortunate

20 Years of Viruses, Bugs and Computer Scams

There are viruses that can be implanted on a computer in 2017, and lie in wait until a network becomes vulnerable before attacking. Unfortunately, viruses have come a long way from 20 years ago. The term virus was coined early on in computer history

7 Key Steps When a Company Device is Compromised

Here’s what to do with a device with valuable business data goes missing or is stolen. What happens when an employee at your company reports that a device they were using is missing or stolen? That lost device may have sensitive business data


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